Pure racing style

The new 2019 Evo Factory models hit the market with a perfectly styled racing look and special components that make it a must for trial riders who want to tackle the race season with the best the Tuscany-based bike builder has to offer.
There are three 2-stroke versions (125, 250 and 300 cc) and a 4-stroke version (300 cc), all of which have undergone meticulous technical development to make the bikes even better than the prior models.
Beta, Italy’s only trial bike manufacturer and the undisputed global market leader, provides an engine with a distinctly “racing” character that, together with the first-class chassis set-up, provides ultra-high performance without diminishing the fun factor.


Compared to the standard version presented in September, the Evo Factory models stand out due to the following features.
• Black magnesium covers: these provide major weight savings, combining even more agile, enjoyable riding with eye-catching design.
• Titanium manifold (with conical cylinder connector 125 cc only): boosts performance significantly and reduces weight.
• Profiled clutch discs: maintain clutch precision and control even under the most extreme conditions while providing a light clutch lever pull.
• Cylinder with revised porting: provides a more powerful and consistent power delivery for the serious rider without removing the user-friendliness Beta is popular for.
• Cylinder head with specially-designed volume and squish (300 cc only): considerable performance increase; the red color also offers a 'racing' look.
• Optimized control unit (ECU) mappings to enhance low-rev power delivery and maintain excellent performance at mid-high revs.
• Black anodized engine oil plugs.


To make the new Evo Factory a true competition-ready bike capable of competing at the highest level across all categories, much of the design work has focused on the suspension.
More specifically, the differences with respect to the standard versions are as follows:
• Re-calibrated fork valving: continued development to provide the perfect setting for both Expert and Clubman riders.
• Gold anodized, billet machined triple clamp: reduces weight, increases stiffness and lets the rider shift the handlebar risers forwards or backwards to adjust bike set-up to perfection.
• Rear suspension with longer wheelbase and adjustment of both compression and rebound: settings have been refined even further thanks to more progressive valving and a more stable, assertive set-up that provides outstanding benefits, especially in pre-obstacle compression and push-off.
• Linkage progression: more sensitive and progressive, ensuring better traction and push-off when faced with high obstacles.
• Lanyard-type kill switch: ensures the bike can be used in complete safety.
• Black anodized bar end plugs: these protect the grips and ensure smooth, long-lasting throttle performance.
• New black anodized chain adjusters: designed to allow more precise adjustment of chain tension and satisfy even the most demanding riders.
• Billet machined foot pegs with non-slip steel pins: ensure maximum boot grip even under the most extreme conditions as well as significant weight reduction.
• Racing brake discs: more powerful braking, weight savings and a more aggressive look.
• BrakTec brake and clutch master cylinders: for improved braking feel and increased power.
• Black anodized brake and clutch master cylinder covers.
• Rear brake caliper with brake pad anti-vibration system.
• Gold rims: in pure racing style.
• Michelin X-light tires: to maximize performance whatever the riding conditions.
• New eye-catching design: introduces gold to match the classic Factory red white and blue.


    Frame Single wave aluminium beam
    Wheel base 1305mm
    Max length 1990mm
    Max width 850mm
    Max height 1115mm
    Seat height 660mm
    Ground clearance 310mm
    Footrest height 348mm
    Weight 66Kg 
    Fuel tank capacity 2.8l
    Reserve 0.5l
    Cooling system capacity 600cc
    Front suspension Hydraulic fork with Ø38mm shaft
    Rear suspension Hydraulic monoshock
    Shock absorber stoke 62mm
    Front wheel travel 165mm
    Rear wheel travel 180mm
    Front brake disc Ø185mm with 4 piston caliper
    Rear brake disc Ø160mm with 2 piston caliper
    Front rim 21 x 1.6 - 32 holes
    Rear rim 18 x 2.15 - 32 holes
    Front tyre 2.75 - 21 Michelin X11
    Rear tyre 4.00 R 18 Michelin X11
    Type Single-cylinder, 2 stroke, liquid cooled, lamellar induction in the crankcase
    Bore 72.5mm
    Stroke 60.5mm
    Displacement 249.7cc
    Compression ratio 9.00:1
    Crankcase Magnesium
    Exhaust manifold Titanium
    Ignition Electronic Hidria 12V - 110W
    Spark Plug NGK GR7CI8
    Lubrication mix with fuel 1.5% (synthetic oil)
    Feeding with carburettor
    Carburettor Keihin PWK Ø28mm
    Spark advance Variable
    Clutch Wet multi-disc clutch with cush-drive rubber
    Primary transmission Z. 22/69
    Transmission 6 speed
    Secondary transmission Chain
    Engine oil SAE 20W/30 (550cc)
Colour: WHITE